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CV and Cover Letter Editing


Proofreading Works offers friendly and professional CV and cover letter editing and proofreading services to a wide variety of applicants. We have helped people secure interviews in fields as diverse as political communication in Europe to humanitarian project management in India.

We strongly believe that the right candidates should not be overlooked because of spelling, grammatical and formatting issues in their applications. This is where we can help.

Standard Proofreading
We read through your document and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.

Premium Proofreading and Editing
We correct spelling and grammatical errors but also correct any formatting issues and consider the application's readability, restructuring sentences where necessary to improve the document's clarity.

Job Detail Checking
All of the above and we also check your application against the job specification, commenting on any unclear sections and highlighting any areas where we feel details could be added to enhance your application.

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