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Interview Tips

  • Dress smartly for the interview and ensure plenty of time to get to your appointment - never be late for an interview!
  • Greet the interviewer with a polite smile, handshake and introduce yourself.
  • Refresh yourself with the detail of the job that you are applying for before the interview.
  • Make sure you prepare for questions about the job and think how to point out why you feel that you are well placed and qualified to successfully fulfil the role.
  • Research the company and what they do. Most employers will look favourably on an applicant that has spent their own time researching a little about their potential employer- for example check out their web site, look at work they have done.
  • It is important for the employer to feel that you want the job you have applied for, not just "a job". It is important therefore to make sure that you can align your skills, potential and commitment to the role you are applying for.
  • Always be positive, polite and totally honest with all your replies to any questions.
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer and answer any questions posed, clearly and with the right amount of detail - do not offer unnecessary or irrelevant information. Prepare as best as you can answers to questions that they may ask, for instance, your understanding of the role and what the company is about.
  • Take your CV with you along with any references and any additional information you may feel appropriate, awards, certificates etc. and present them if asked.
  • You may be asked to volunteer your own questions about the job; its role, the company etc. prepare well for this and make your questions relevant to yourself and your application for your role in this company.
  • Unless requested, do not make one of your questions, what the salary/benefits are - certainly not at the first interview.
  • Politely ask at the end of the interview, the procedure from this point and when you may expect to hear from them next and if there may be 2nd or 3rd interviews.
  • Shake their hands, thank them for their time and say you look forward to hearing from them.

Post Interview

  • If you feel after your interview that you could have answered a question better or failed to impress a particular point that you feel is important, you could clarify this by a polite letter or email to the interviewer. Do not make this too long or intrusive for the interviewer.
  • If you get the job, be sure to get all the conditions of your employment detailed in a letter of offer and contract of employment if the employer has one.
  • If you are unsuccessful in your application, ask for feedback about how your interview went from their perspective, you may benefit by their comments for future interviews.
  • You may wish to view our CV Tips or download our CV template.