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Employment laws are constantly changing and it is vital that employees and employers keep up to date with new regulations and case law. Employment tribunals are on the increase, year in year out, but often knowledge of the potential issues at an early stage can mean that litigation can be avoided.  

Set down below are some of the main rights that employees have in the UK and the issues which can arise.

Employees have:-

  • the right to receive a written statement of their terms and conditions within two months of starting employment which should include details of their rate of pay, hours of work, holiday entitlements, job title, place of work, pension arrangements, disciplinary and grievance procedures and notice periods;
  • the right not to be discriminated against in relation to recruitment, terms of employment, detriments or dismissals, harassment, and the opportunities for promotion, transfer or training; on the grounds of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age;
  • the right to receive national minimum wage;
  • the right to minimum breaks, holidays and maximum working hours;
  • the right to receive Statutory Sick Pay;
  • the right to maternity, adoption, paternity and parental leave; and, the ability to request flexible working arrangements for parents;
  • the right to minimum notice periods;
  • the right to redundancy pay on termination of employment by reason of redundancy (subject to two year’s service);
  • the right not to be unfairly dismissed (subject to one years’ service) or constructively unfairly dismissed.

In addition to the above, other matters which may arise as a result of the contract of employment or employment relationship can include:-

  • post employment restrictions, including restrictions on where an employee can take up new employment;
  • confidentiality restrictions;
  • compromise agreements.

The employment team at Smith Partnership have years of experience advising on employment issues in the steel industry. If you require assistance in relation to any of the issues set out above, or require assistance on any other legal matter, please complete the e-mail enquiry form and after pressing Apply one of our team will contact you. As a result of our link with Steel Connexions, the first fifteen minutes of employment advice will be provided to you free of charge. If further work is required, we will provide you with a no-obligations quotation.

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