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Contracts Manager

Contracts Manager

A must for a contracts manager is a good understanding of all the trades and materials involved in the entire project process. Involved at the early stages of the project, the contract manager will be instrumental in co-ordinating all the team involved in the project from design to site erection. It is he who will ensure the project is run on time, efficiently and react accordingly if problems arise. The contracts manager will be the one liaising directly with the client, informing them of progress and be directly accountable for all matters on the project!

The contracts manager is often known as a trouble shooter and when problems arise, will have to deal with them quickly and efficiently and make all the affected related parties aware of any causal effects of delays, materials not being delivered, labour problems etc. and always keep the boss and the client informed of any impact on programme and costs.

Being involved in regular meetings with the professional parties, construction team and his own workforce, a contracts manager must have good communication and organisational skills. The role is wide and varied and often suits people who like to be involved in different aspects of the project, see if from start to completion and like getting out and about, as numerous trips to the construction site may be needed during the course of the project to sucessful contract completion. The multi tasking capabilities of a good contracts manager keep them in high demand in the steelwork industry.