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Industry Technology

Industry Technology

The Steelwork Industry has undergone considerable changes and advancements over the past 20 years. In particular the advent of 3D modelling and design software along with sophisticated CNC machinery has given Architects and Engineers the freedom to design and create the most complex and challenging structures, utilising the ductile qualities of structural steelwork. 

A wide variety of increasingly sophisticated software for design, detailing and manufacture, along with CNC machinery, has given the industry huge savings in time and cost by significantly speeding up the many processes in the industry.
The steelwork industry very much led the way with 3D modelling software allowing three dimensional models to be produced that automatically produce detailed fabrication drawings, engineering drawings, material lists and CAM data for workshop CNC machinery. The 3D modelling systems can be linked to a wide variety of analysis and design software, with many offering full bi-directional links to other systems. Data from the modelling systems can be passed automatically to a variety of M.I.S. systems that supply a wealth of information for the fabrication process such as ordering material, optimum nesting of material and bar coding technology.

The CNC machinery used in the steelwork industry continues to be at the forefront of technology and modern saw and drill lines, as an example, have dramatically increased production capabilities with significant reductions in fabrication costs and delivery times. This technological revolution that has taken place in many countries around the World, making the Steelwork Industry with its many and varied career opportunities, an increasingly attractive industry to work within.